Home Lifestyle Nine (9) Reasons To Date A Jamaican Girl.

Nine (9) Reasons To Date A Jamaican Girl.


Nine (9) Reasons To Date A Jamaican Girl.

These are the reasons why men like to date Jamaican women, and why all men should.

#1 Beautiful Dark Skin Complexion

The number one compliment that white men give black Jamaican women in general, is that they have a nice dark smooth skin complexion. They say that black people don’t have varicose veins and redness showing. They say our skin complexion looks healthy and that the African look on a woman is a huge turn on. Let me just say to all white men that feel this way….Thank you.

#2 A little attitude is healthy

Many white men who have dated Jamaican women tell me they like the attitude of a Jamaican woman. That it somehow spices up the relationship. They like how Jamaican women are committed to their man and take the relationship seriously. They also say that the attitude is someone a turn on…men!

#3 Appreciative not entitled

The thing I tend to hear from older white men dating Jamaican women is that Jamaican women are appreciative of gifts, and an affluent lifestyle that the white mans money may be affording them. I think that is nice. I will take that as a compliment. They say their own women tend to have a sense of entitlement…I don’t really know… this is just what some white men  have told me.

#4 The “Flava” of a Sista

figuratively and literally. White men have told me that they like black women because…They like their African or their Caribbean way of spicing up the Jamaican  food. And that they like the way a black woman tastes. I have no experience with that so I cannot really comment. But I will say this. I read a book that talked about the Melanin of black people’s skin, that is has a sweet almost sugary aroma, so if it actually does taste sweet well that makes sense. So that’s what men like about down there so much huh….lol just joking.

#5 “Sexy body Gal…”

Many Caucasian men have told me that they liked Jamaican women because they are curvaceous and have a nice booty. Ok, they say black women tend to have a nice figure such as full round back side and hips. Well, I can comment on this one. I am not one of these blessed Empresses, but I have met some Jamaican women, who have a killer body, and I am just thinking man if I had what you have I would show it off every day of my life. I knew one girl from Jamaica who had a round booty and a small waist, like you know a man had designed her.  Jah blessed her body!

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proquest dissertations theses database online # 6 Jamaican women Know How to keep house

I have been told by some white men that they like Jamaican women because they know how to keep house and look after their men. Well is that really a compliment? I don’t know. Jamaican women are raised to know how to fill the belly of their family members with good cooking, and how to keep their home clean. They do a fantastic job of it. My sister used to mop her kitchen floor every night before going to bed. I just mopped my floor once a week….usually on a Sunday. Not so Jamaican I guess. LoL.

source site # 7 The “contrast” is a turn on

Many white men tell me they love Jamaican women or black women in general because they like the contrast that the two skin complexions make between their own and the Jamaican woman. I think this is silly. But I have heard many people say this. White women, black men etc.

#8 More Honest

White men have told me that black women in general tend to be more forthcoming about their thoughts and feelings. I can see how this might be true. Jamaican women in particular are raised to be honest and forthcoming, this is normal in Jamaican culture. Sidebar – I was shocked how easy-going the people in Jamaica living in Jamaica were…I guess I got a bad impression from the Jamaican I have met here. Hmpf

#9″…the challenge”

I think that many men who are not black and date black women do so because they see it kind of like going to a Mexican restaurant when you are not Mexican. Or taking in a nice Asian movie when you are not Asian. I think its something different to appreciate. I am not a man so I can only speculate, I am not Caucasian, so I don’t really know. The only thing I can say is…I think black women, especially Jamaican women are beautiful too. Yes and I am one.