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Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately


Babies react to their mommy’s touch, which means it’s easy to employ reflexology in treating their ailments. Every time your baby is upset, just hold it, and rub its tiny back.

Your baby cries for a few reasons. It can be sleepy or tired, its diaper may be wet or pooped, it may be hungry, etc. sometimes babies cry because of overstimulation from noise and activity. Babies are often bothered with colic, acid, reflux, aches, allergies, and other ailments additional reading.

Reflexology involves applying pressure on certain spots of your baby’s foot. This will calm your baby, and it’ll stop crying.

Here are a few tips on how to apply pressure on your baby’s feet.

Upper and lower abdomen

Massage the arch of your baby’s foot, as this part is connected with its upper abdomen. This will relive any digestive discomfort like heartburn and bowel obstruction. The lower part of the arch is connected with the lower abdomen, and by stimulating it you will relieve any bloating and constipation.


The very top of your baby’s foot or the spot that touches the ground, right above the arch, is connected with the chest. Massage it in cases of colds, chronic cough, and chest congestion. Scientists have found that reflexology relieves any form of congestion.


The center of your baby’s foot is connected with the sinuses. Apply pressure on this spot to relieve sinus issues, like runny nose, and respiratory conditions.


The heel of your baby’s food is connected with its pelvis. Massage it to soothe muscle tightness and posture issues. Of course, this is not a final remedy, and it only relieves the pain temporarily.

Head / Teeth

Massage the tips of your baby’s toes to treat issues with its teeth and head. This is especially beneficial in cases of teething and ear infections.

Solar plexus

It gathers the nerves in the area between the stomach and the lungs. It’s hard to determine what causes pain, because there are many nerve endings. But, you can massage the upper part of the arch, and relieve the pain.

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